Reports and documents



St Helier Harbour Survey Report June2019.pdf 

 Download | Marico PMSC Audit - Final Report Ports Of Jersey Nov 2018 (size 1088kb)

 Download | PoJ Marine Safety Plan 2019 - 2020 (size 482kb)

 Download | Trinity House Inspection & Audit of Aids to Navigation 2018 (size 343kb)

 Download | P6T2 Collision and Sinking Report - Nov 18

 Download | Blue Pearl Report - Loss of a fishing vessel following grounding

 Download | Granville Allison Incident Report - Nov 18

 Download | Island Voyager Rib Incident - Nov18

 Download | independent risk assessment report into St Helier seaplane operation.pdf

 Download | the executive summary - outlying harbour cranes (size 276kb)

 Download | outlying harbours useage survey report (size 504kb)

 Download | the report into removal of Crane 13 (size 5mb)

 Download | the Independent Condor Liberation Report (size 4.7mb)

Download | Jersey Harbours Annual Report 2010 (size 2.87mb)

 Download | Jersey Harbours Business Overview 2009 (size 2.07mb)

 Download | Strategic Report 2006 - 2015 (size 1.80mb)

 Download | Navigation Risk Assessment - Navigating within 20nm of Corbiere (size 844kb)


Information Sheets

Download Outlying Harbour Cranes (size 208kb)

Public Notices

 Regulation 5 - Notice of application (size 399kb)


Condor related documents

Download the updated Annex 1, Table B, Condor Operating Agreement – Current Annual Demand (Jersey) 2014 2015 volumes (size 181kb)

Download the​ Condor consultation executive summary (size 427kb)

Download the designation under Regulation 4 (1) of the Harbours (Jersey) Regulations 1962 (size 61kb)

Download the Condor operating agreement (size 1mb)

Download the Condor car ferry permit (size 275kb)

Download the Commodore Clipper incident and operator response (size 2.6mb)

Download an overview of Condor customer care following the Clipper incident (size 4.1mb)

Download the supporting our freight customers report (size 140kb)

Download the overview of Condor Ferries support for the Battle of flowers funfair (size 492kb)

Download the review of Condor Ferries customer contact centre performance (size 1​​​95kb)


Port users group meetings

 Download port users group meeting minutes - 3 November 2014 (size 1.99mb)



 La Corbiere NRA and Consultation Responses.pdf

 Download Corbiere Light Consultation 2018

 Download consultation paper on St Catherine's Breakwater Head Lighthouse - Change of visible range (1,217kb)

 Download consultation letter - Vessel and road tanker liquid transfers (size 338kb)

 Download Vessel Bunker Operations from Road Tankers Consultation Document (size 627kb)

 Download consultation paper on the change to the light visible range of Demie des Pas and Gorey Pier Lighthouses (size 436kb)

 Download introduction of permit for the provision of Mooring Line Services to large commercial vessels consultation paper (size 267kb)

 Download Corbiere Fog Horn consultation paper (size 304kb)

 Download consultation into changes to Gorey Harbour approach lights (size 359kb)

 Download the changes to Gorey Harbour approach lights consultation plan (size 635kb)

 Download consultation into restrictions on fixed fishing gear during survey operations for the Jersey and Guernsey electricity cable (size 473kb)

 Download the harbour limits consultation paper for outlying harbours (size 870kb)

 Download consultation into St Helier port limits (size 779kb)



Download the summary of responses and minutes of the public meeting regarding proposed port limits for outlying harbours (size 427kb)