Port Operating Procedures

All users of the Elizabeth Harbour and NNQ Restricted areas should be familiar with and adhere to the relevant operating procedures. This is to ensure safe and efficient operating practices are undertaken in these busy operational areas of the Port. Any non-conformances are reportable and action may be taken by the Harbour Authority under PIPSS (Ports Infringement Penalty Strike System).

Elizabeth Harbour Standard Operating Procedures

SOP001 | Vehicle and Pedestrian Movements.pdf

SOP002 | Loading and Discharging Trailers.pdf 

SOP003 | Loading and Discharging Pods.pdf

SOP004 | Unaccompanied Freight.pdf

SOP005 | Refuelling Within the RZ.pdf

SOP006 | Line Handling and Mooring Operations.pdf

SOP007 | Linkspan and Gangway Operations.pdf

SOP008 | Baggage Belt and Baggage Handling Operations.pdf

SOP009 | Main Security Gate.pdf

SOP010 | Conventional Ferry Distruption.pdf

New North Quay Standard Operating Procedures

SOP001 | NNQ Main Security Gate.pdf

SOP002 | NNQ Pedestrians and Vehicles.pdf

SOP003 | NNQ Cargo Storage and Movement on Quay.pdf

SOP004 | NNQ Loading and Discharging Cargo.pdf

SOP005 | NNQ RefuellingWithinTheRZ.pdf

SOP006 | NNQ Line Handling and Mooring Operations.pdf