Safety bulletins

​​Details of safety bulletins (SB) issued by Ports of Jersey can be downloaded below.


SB06 of 2019 | Head injury sustained as a result of falling overboard a 3.9m inflatable boat

SB05 of 2019 | Near miss gangway fall.

SB04 of 2019 | Heaving lines dangerous pilot transfers

SB03 Of 2019 | Use of Lifting Equipment.

SB02 of 2019 | Potential GPS issues.

SB01 of 2019 | Small Craft - Throw Bag Rescue Line Failures


Download Safety Bulletin 08 of 2018 Small Craft - Night Passage Navigation.pdf

Download Safety Bulletin 07 of 2018 Fishing Vessel Safety.pdf

Download Safety Bulletin 06 of 2018 - Pre-Departure assessment of weather conditions on commercially Operated RIBs (REV1).pdf

 Download SB05 of 2018: Modifications to Fishing Vessels (size 406kb)

 Download SB04 of 2018: Permanent closure of Jersey Hyperbaric Treatment Centre (size 428kb)

 Download SB03 of 2018: Dangers of entrapment when shooting Pots (MAIB Safety Flyer & Report (size 492kb)

 Download SB02 of 2018: St Aubins Dredging (size 362kb)

 Download SB01 of 2018: Safety harness tethers on sailing yachts (size 587kb)


 Download SB07 of 2017: Warning to boat owners after thefts (size 242kb)

 Download SB06 of 2017: Life Raft Inspections and Servicing (size 242kb)

 Download SB05 of 2017: Commercial Diving Works (size 311kb)

 Download SB04 of 2017: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (size 338kb)

 Download SB03 of 2017: Marina Electrical Supply (size 305kb)

 Download SB02 of 2017: On Water Events (size 310kb)

 Download SB01 of 2017: Key Findings and Recommendations following an RTC in St Helier Harbour (size 303kb)


Download SB11 of 2016: Maintenance diving St Helier Harbour, St Helier Marina and Elizabeth Marina (size 249kb)​

Download SB10 of 2016: EPIRB Recall (size 278kb)

Download SB09 of 2016: Slipway Safety (size 232kb)

Download SB08 of 2016: South coast hydrographic survey (size 273kb)

Download SB07 of 2016: Maintenance diving in La Collette Marina, Elizabeth Harbour and Elizabeth Marina (size 234kb)

Download SB06 of 2016: Keeping a safe navigational watch (size 237kb)

Download SB05 of 2016: Maintenance diving in La Collette Marina, Elizabeth Harbour and Elizabeth Marina (size 232kb)

Download SB04 of 2016: Maintaining safe access (size 280kb)

Download SB03 of 2016: Habitat dive of Elizabeth Marina (size 268kb)

Download SB01 of 2016: Revisions to the standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers (size 329kb)


Download SB04 of 2015: Maintenance diving (size 231kb)

Download SB03 of 2015: Dangerously weighted ships heaving lines (size 282kb)

Download SB02 of 2015: Maintenance diving (size 103kb)

Download SB01 of 2015: Maintaining safe access (size 419kb)